Coping Strategies

Becoming a victim of crime can be a very traumatic experience and it can have a different impact on everyone.
There is no “right way” of feeling and the effects can last for a long time.
You may find you need some methods to help you cope with these new emotions you are feeling.

Coping methods are the strategies people can use to help with the stress and/or trauma they have or are experiencing. Coping methods help us to cope with stressful events and help us to manage all of these strong feelings.


Stretch one hand out
With one finger from the other hand, trace up and down the fingers
Breathe in as you trace up
Hold your breath at the top of 
your fingers
Breathe out as you trace down
Keep going until you have traced all 5 fingers
Repeat as many times as you need


A helpful tool to decrease your 
anxious thoughts and feelings
Placing your thoughts in the jar will help get them off your mind, at least for a little while
What are some of the things you would like to stop worrying about for now?


A feelings journal is a good way to wtite down everything you are feeling so that it doesn’t get too much for you to deal with
Getting it out on paper can help you to relax and process those feelings


Take a moment and look around
Name 5 
things you can see
Name 4 
things you can feel
Name 3
things you can hear
Name 2 
things you can smell
Take 1
deep breath 
and repeat